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Blue Archive - Fresh Reroll Starter Accounts

Blue Archive - Fresh Reroll Starter Accounts

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* Do not place any order! $1 is not the final price, only will ease the transaction once you have contacted us.

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How to get our service?

  1. Pick any character that you wanted and then click search (If nothing come out, please come back later)
  2. Take a "screenshot" and then contact us through Discord https://discord.gg/DSP6Yfk or social media live chat for price quotation.

Client: Global & JP
OS: Android & IOS
JP Download Link: Google | IOS | QooApp

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 32 reviews
    Fast delivery

    It was a fast process with no problems


    Blue Archive - Fresh Reroll Starter Accounts

    Sean Commerford
    Great service


    Fast and Efficient

    Quick to give the price and, after purchase, the account details.
    Can't ask for more.

    A Great Service That Needs Some Tweaks

    I have been playing the Global version of BA and I decided I wanted to start playing the JP version, but I didn't want to start from nothing since the game has been around for over a year now. Luckily, I found this service and found a character combination that I was happy with. It was fast and easy to pay/receive my purchase.

    I will say that on the character selector, the search engine does not always accurately display correct results. Also, the global translations are a bit sloppy especially when I wanted to look at other games like Genshin Impact and I could not even read the names of some results.

    All in all, I would use this service again and hope that they expand the games the offer in the future.