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About Us

ZZreroll has been a big fan of video games dating back when retro games were the main things in the industry. He has a dream of creating an open world game with one server and no ping delay for players from the whole world to enjoy it at the same time. On his way to the conquest, he started to research lots of games and in the process of it taking a huge interest in the trading aspect of the game.

Starting off as a "mercenary" from one game to another back in 2014, since then ZZreroll has slowly morphed into a world-leading service provider that allows gamers to safely & securely buy & sell multiple different titles specific to Mobile Gaming.

ZZreroll was created with the intention of safely securing the transactions between buyers and sellers. Just like you, we, too, are gamers. We understand the doubt, the pain, the uncertainty of buying & selling online as it is a scary place to be nowadays.

Thus, we have always committed to being industry-standard with overwhelmingly positive feedback on Virtual Goods trading. So it is our mission to make sure you always get what you have paid for. In exchange, we will let our customer speak on behalf of our service satisfaction to promote us as we have never boost our reputation artificially through any social media ads.

We strive to offer the best meta combination that is not available anywhere else in the market to ensure your satisfaction. From fresh starter accounts with the best characters combination to high in-game resources and to be one of the fastest release of high demand games, the combination is equal to ZZreroll.com