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Awaken Chaos Era - Fresh Reroll Starter Accounts

Awaken Chaos Era - Fresh Reroll Starter Accounts

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  1.  Click Here  [Global, Unlink]

* Do not place any order! $1 is not the final price, only will ease the transaction once you have contacted us.

How to get our service?

  1. Pick any character that you wanted and then click search (If nothing come out, please come back later)
  2. Take a "screenshot" and then contact us through Discord https://discord.gg/DSP6Yfk or social media live chat for price quotation.

OS: Android & IOS
Download Link: Google | IOS 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Matthew Morgan

    Very happy with price and delivery time. Will be back.

    J sav
    Easy transaction

    Quick and easy transaction

    Thanks for the acc

    I got the account within an hour or two. It was faster than expected. I rated it a 4 for the reason that the person I talked to on Discord was a little rude. I don't know if it was just a misunderstanding. Saw another review here with the same issue. Hoping the person would be a bit more nice.

    Jean-Francois Pelletier
    Fair price for a nice starter account

    It didn't take too long to get my account ( ~10hours ). The customer service was a little rude to be honest... maybe he had a bad day? Anyway, I got my account and I'm happy with it! :)

    Al Bernard
    Another account

    Great service. So good I got another account