Display in USD, payment in MYR. Same paying amount, just different currency due to technical issues until it is resolved. 1USD = 4.5MYR

ZZreroll Reward Corner (Zpoints) T&C

    ** Due to some technical issue, we are currently running MYR currency instead of USD, therefore all reward points will be 4x since 1USD = 4.6MYR
  1. Customer MUST create an account through ZZreroll.com website and have the account logging in all the time in order for the Zpoints to be rewarded to your account whether it is for a purchase or a review.
  2. Zpoints will only be rewarded once the payment is received and reverted if there is any refund.
  3. 1 Zpoints will be rewarded for each USD spent based on subtotal. In other word, final price (after promotion/discount and before tax applied).
  4. 20 Zpoints will be rewarded for signing up an account, follow and like us on social media.
  5. 50 Zpoints will be rewarded for leaving a product review after the purchase via an automated email that will deliver within 30 minutes.
  6. You will need to contact us after you redeem a Discord perks for it to take effect.
  7. Discord perks will stay with the user once redeem until further notice.
  8. One person is only eligible to create one account only.
  9. ZZreroll reserve the final right for any decision without prior notice.