Display in USD, payment in MYR. Same paying amount, just different currency due to technical issues until it is resolved. 1USD = 4.5MYR

YES to Instant Delivery, NO to Paypal - BETA feature


ZZreroll has just implemented a new function - auto delivery. It will apply to all Resource Starter accounts (obviously). We are also indefinitely scrapping the idea of using Paypal as auto/instant delivery requires a strong mutual trust between us which is something that Paypal is unable to securely filter out as for this moment. 

Currently we are still under the beta phase and 90% of our product (Resource Starter) has an instant delivery function enabled. For customer that never get their account detail instantly, it might be: 

i. Your payment is somehow still being flagged by our system for high risk, we will manually deliver in 24 hours. 
ii. The product is currently low on stock, we WILL RESTOCK and deliver in 24 hours. Don't worry.
iii. The login details for that specific game have a short expiration date. 
iv. Server might be experiencing some delay, kindly wait a few minutes.

You will receive your account details directly on the order status page once your payment is completed. Alternatively, there will be another copy being delivered to your email (check spam/promotion/social/etc.) if you are "hardworking" enough to get it from the mail instead of direct display. 

At the end of the day, you will still get your account in 24 hours if something goes wrong, just sit back and enjoy your coffee. Please refrain from purchasing it if you cannot accept unexpected scenarios such as bugs or out of stock.

Just in case some of you might still experiencing some issues/bugs, do not hesitate to contact us via email at hello@zzreroll.com for further assistance or to report it.