Display in USD, payment in MYR. Same paying amount, just different currency due to technical issues until it is resolved. 1USD = 4.5MYR


1. How long is the delivery time? 

Instant. [Beta feature]
Guaranteed within 24 hours or else unconditional full refund!


2. How do I receive my account?

Account details will be shown on the order page once the payment is completed.
The system will also automatically send it to your email. (Check your spam, promotion, social, etc.) 


3. I have paid, why am I not getting it right away?

i. Only Resource Accounts have instant delivery feature.
ii. Your payment is being flagged by our system for high risk, we will manually deliver in 24 hours. 
iii. The product is currently low on stock, we WILL RESTOCK and deliver in 24 hours. Don't worry.
iv. The login details for that specific game have a short expiration date. 
v. Server might be experiencing some delay, kindly wait a few minutes.


4. Operation time?

Click Here . We are not a robot, we cannot be up for 24/7. 


5. Payment method accepted

Credit/Debit Card (Mastercard, VISA, Amex), Google/Apple Pay (Use Chrome/Safari on mobile), Alipay, GrabPay, FPX

6. Is this service legit?

Yes! We are only providing 100% safe and legal service. All the product had been tested for weeks before putting it up for sales.


7. Currency used?

Display currency will be USD, meaning you will see the price in USD.
Due to some issue, payment during checkout will be in MYR. (1USD = 4.6MYR)


8. How do I purchase?

It's easy! Just drop for the order (add to cart and checkout)