1. How long is the delivery time? 

"Normally", we repeat, "Normally" average 1-60 minutes. Guaranteed within 24 hours or else unconditionally full refund.


2. How do I receive my account?

We will sent it to your email. (Kindly check your spam, promotion and etc.)


3. Operation time?

Click Here . We are not a robot, we cannot be up for 24/7. 


4. Is this service legal?

Yes! We are only providing 100% safe and legal service. All the product had been tested for weeks before putting it up for sales.


5. Do you sell other types of account apart from fresh?

No, we do not sell any other type of accounts except for fresh account as we really emphasizing providing safe and secure accounts for our customer.


6. Currency used?



7. Payment method accepted

Paypal (Mastercard, Visa, etc.), Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin)


8. How do I purchase?

It's easy! Just drop for the order (add to cart and checkout)

** Cryptocurrency payment please contact us for payment address.