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How to use a Discount code?

Step 1

Add the TOTAL quantity into your cart.
For example,
Buy 1 FREE 4 ... 1+4 =5 ... Add 5 quantities into your cart
Buy 3 FREE 1 ... 3+1 =4 ... Add 4 quantities into your cart

Step 2

Enter the discount code and click apply.

Step 3

Enjoy the Discount.
(Feel free to contact us if there is a bug on applying the discount)


Terms and Condition

1. Discount code could only be apply individually. It will not be able to stack with other codes/promotion. Customers are advised to split up the order if you want to apply multiple different codes. 

2. ZZreroll will not entertain any act of seeking for pity by claiming "forgotten" or any similar reason and request for a compensation. 

3. ZZreroll reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice 

4. ZZreroll reserve the right to make final decision.