Display in USD, payment in MYR. Same paying amount, just different currency due to technical issues until it is resolved. 1USD = 4.5MYR

10% Special Discount + update on the future

ZZreroll is back in business again! 

  • Over the last 1.5 months, we have some payment gateway issue which we are working extremely hard with various parties to solve it. 
  • We accepted a proposal of using another currency (Malaysia Ringgit) instead of USD to accept the payment from our customers as a temporarily solution.
  • On the bright side, nothing is different, it is just that you are getting billed with other currency while paying. Don't worry, you are still paying the same amount! There is nothing you need to do, our bank will settle it from their side when you are paying it.
  • We are going with 1 USD = 4.1 MYR ... Just in case you guys want to have a cross check.

Starting today, any order with a minimum of $50 are eligible for 10% discount! Just simply use the code ZZreroll during checkout to enjoy the discount!

Discount event will end at 14 Jun 2021, 16:00 (UTC).