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Genshin Impact - Budget Combo Fresh Starter Accounts (Europe)

Genshin Impact - Budget Combo Fresh Starter Accounts (Europe)

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  • Non-obtainable Limited Edition Character
  • 100% GET Your Chosen 5 Stars + extra service (optional combo)
  • 2-9x Random 4 stars
  • 0-5x 4/5 stars weapons
  • AR 5-10
  • Human manual hand roll
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Client: Global
OS: Android & IOS & PC & PS
Download Link: Google | IOS | QooApp | Taptap

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 31 reviews
    Lukas S.
    Got male traveler!

    I usually always get female traveler when buying those accounts so pleasant surprise!

    Mon avis sur ce super vendeur

    Je m'attendais pas à recevoir ma commande aussi vite, je suis tellement contente c'est un truc de fouu, je recommande à dix mille les yeux fermés, merci d'avoir refais ma soirée j'suis vraiment heureuse ♥

    nahida + random five star

    i've bought from zzreroll before, the first time being during hu tao's very first release, but i can't remember if i gave a review. this is my third reroll account i've purchased, and i can say with confidence that i won't touch another reroll site. the prices are fair, the delivery is either instant or within a few hours at most, and sometimes you get a few extras! i ended up with more five stars than just one random, and you aren't left with only a few four stars to fend for either. highly recommend

    Frunza Cosmin

    Genshin Impact - Budget Combo Fresh Starter Accounts (Europe)

    Naojiko Lazy

    Fast and great