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Genshin Impact - Budget Combo Fresh Starter Accounts (Europe)

Genshin Impact - Budget Combo Fresh Starter Accounts (Europe)

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  • Non-obtainable Limited Edition Character
  • 100% GET Your Chosen 5 Stars + extra service (optional combo)
  • 2-9x Random 4 stars
  • 0-5x 4/5 stars weapons
  • AR 5-10
  • Human manual hand roll
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Client: Global
OS: Android & IOS & PC & PS
Download Link: Google | IOS | QooApp | Taptap

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 32 reviews
    Very Good

    Even tho my reroll acount got delayed since it wasnt in stock it still came under 12 hours which is impressive!,

    Lukas S.
    Got male traveler!

    I usually always get female traveler when buying those accounts so pleasant surprise!

    Mon avis sur ce super vendeur

    Je m'attendais pas à recevoir ma commande aussi vite, je suis tellement contente c'est un truc de fouu, je recommande à dix mille les yeux fermés, merci d'avoir refais ma soirée j'suis vraiment heureuse ♥

    nahida + random five star

    i've bought from zzreroll before, the first time being during hu tao's very first release, but i can't remember if i gave a review. this is my third reroll account i've purchased, and i can say with confidence that i won't touch another reroll site. the prices are fair, the delivery is either instant or within a few hours at most, and sometimes you get a few extras! i ended up with more five stars than just one random, and you aren't left with only a few four stars to fend for either. highly recommend

    Frunza Cosmin

    Genshin Impact - Budget Combo Fresh Starter Accounts (Europe)