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ZZreroll.com huge website update patch note including membership rewards

Hello, we have made some changes and upgrade for our website for the past few days in order to bring a better experience for our returning customers and building trust for our future customers. 


Update 1: Membership rewards
On the bottom left hand side, you will notice a new free gift button, . Just click it and you will know what to do next, it is very easy to understand! You may take a short read on the short T&C to know the detail.

Please take note that you will need to create an account through ZZreroll.com website to enjoy the new perks.


Update 2: Product review
You will receive an additional email (in around 30 minutes after the delivery) for a product review. Say something nice and give us a 5 stars review and you will be rewarded with Zpoints! 

Only eligible customers who purchased the product will be able to leave a review and anyone can react to his/her review. 


Update 3&4: Bundle discount and emoji
We have added bundle discount for certain product. Please take note that the price discount is not for the total order but come and stick with each and single product! We also have added emoji react for the meme! 


Update 5: Live feed
Yes, there is a new live feed to show recent purchase on our store products at the bottom left (for pc) and top of the screen (for mobile) in hope that to provide some new game suggestion to you!



Lastly, dont forget that we ACCEPT CRYPTO as a payment and having a 20% discount promotion. Read here