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XMAS and New Year PROMO! Discount Code available until 6 January!

It is this time of the year again - XMAS and New Year. To celebrate 2020, we are giving away discount(ssss) to everyone!!!! Moreover, we will be hitting 3000 orders milestone by the end of 2019, zzreroll.com would really like to thanks our loyal customers for their continuously support. All VIP customers will be receiving a freebies! 

Campaign 1

Use promo code "XMAS2" or "XMAS5" while checking out to enjoy discount.
Discount: $2 USD or $5 USD
Usage: Unlimited usage
Period: until 2 Jan, 12pm gmt+8
Minimum spent: $10 USD or $40 USD


Campaign 2

You will unlock an additional discount code through email once you make any purchase before 2 Jan, 12pm gmt+8.
Discount: $8 USD
Usage: Once per customer
Period: until 6 Jan, 12pm gmt+8
Minimum spent: $50 USD


Campaign 3

To thank our loyal customer, VIP or VVIP customers will be receiving a special gift from us. Kindly check your email if you are unsure whether are you eligible for the freebies!
Promo Code: VIP / VVIP
 $8 USD / $15 USD

Usage: Once per customer
Period: until 2 Jan, 12pm gmt+8
Minimum spent: 0

* zzreroll.com reserve the right for any final decision throughout the campaign.