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Merry 2021 XMAS and Happy New Year

2021 has been full of ups and downs. Corvid, lockdown, Omicron, lockdown .... The fact that you are here means that you have been abiding by the SOP, wearing masks, etc. and most importantly, staying safe! Great job in contributing to the society in fighting against Corvid! 

Starting from 25 December until 5 January, most of the team members will be away enjoying the holiday. There might be a slower response toward any inquiries via our social or email. In the meantime, we won't rule out any possibilities of stock shortage/outrage as there is likely to be an influx of orders coming in due to the festive season & various in-game events. However, we will make sure to get in touch with any inquiries or re-stocking within 72 hours.
ZZreroll team would like to wish everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !