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2020 XMAS 36 hours 5% discount & Paypal Integration Update

Merry XMAS to everyone!

There will be a 5% discounts on every single product in our store for the next 36 hours just so everyone in the world from different time zones able to enjoy the discount! It's simple, just directly checkout! 

We would also like to give an update regarding the Paypal integration issue that we are currently facing. Paypal is yet to solve a previous issue that we are still facing (taxation) since September. Paypal is super unresponsive since the corona outbreak on March and we do not expect them to reply us anytime soon for the latest issue.

Customer still able to checkout via credit card, debit card and Apply Pay as for now which is similar to Paypal, just that now we are directly dealing with the bank/card instead of the interference from the third party (Paypal). We are looking into other possibilities to expand the payment method and will provide another update as soon as possible.

Discount start from: 8.30pm (UTC/GMT) 24 Dec. 2020 

Update: Event ENDED